JVV in Pics

If you have any pictures of JVV or any pix that is of interest to JVV residents, please send them by email (attachments). Published ones will be given due credit.


pix uploaded by Wg.Cdr.KJ Batt in commonfloor.com JVV portal

The following six pictures were sent by George Eapen ((B-134), who writes to say

Dear Sir,I really appreciate the hard work you put in to create a web-portal for JVV residents. I find it very attractive and useful for our day to day requirements.

Attached are few snaps of JVV I have taken recently to test out my new camera. If it is OK for the viewers of JVV, kindly publish it in our website.


JVV with neighbourhood

JVV A – Sector

Ready to take off

Missile Water Tank

photos are by JP

2 responses to “JVV in Pics

  1. Gp Capt KK Murthy

    The BOM is doing a great job with a lot of passion.

    Please carry on the good work!

  2. Proud to be apart of JVV, where things are really happening quite fast at that. What a transformation!

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