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Chitra Doraiswami

Water Tank

How Kammanahalli has grown! (Or Kamanaali as some exotic residents call it).

Many moons ago, this WAS a ‘halli’, village. The only sign of civilization was ‘Vinu Stores’ run by two sweet Malayali gentlemen. We had our own ‘Mama’s’ shop which supplied milk and sundry stuff. Our surly Dhobhi cum dry cleaner was there, I think. Even HOPCOMS came later.

Most of us were the newly retired and we were pretty ecstatic to have a roof over our heads. Forget add ons like extending the living room into the garage, adding a gazebo like structure on the terrace, etc. We were strapped for cash. So the JVV inner roads looked broad and neat.

It was quite a different story the moment you stepped outside the gate. You would be forgiven for thinking you were living on the edge of a moon crater! TOI ran a contest to find the worst roads of Bangalore and both Kammanahalli and the road at the rear, Kachrakanahalli, had the dubious honour of winning!

The auto wallahs, bless their devious hearts, would act up and you would pay princely sums to come home from a loaf in Brigade Road. But Both Sena Vihar and JVV those days had the bonhomie of a Military Base. If you were mooching around near the Main Gate wondering how to get to the bright lights of town, you would be offered a lift. And if anyone recognized you in or around MG Road, you could be sure of coming back too, albeit on top of each other in the rear seat!


Our Iyengar baker baked his goodies to an appreciative audience. His ‘pups’ were very popular.(No, don’t report me to SPCA. This is the more common pronunciation of puff). His tasty bread sold for a mere Rs.7/-. Now it’s sold at a pricey Rs.30/- and it’s been dieting as well. It has shrunk quite a bit.

It was a red letter day when both the infamous roads and 80 Ft road all got a coating of bitumen. We, the locals, walked up and down and beamed at each other with proprietary pride. Progress!

Shanti Sagar’s opening signaled a downing of the ladles in many households. Now idlis and dosas were had there or ‘parcelled’ by those ubiquitous ‘boys’, to be had at home.

Of course, we got uppity when Nandhana, followed much later by ‘AtoB’, graced our locality and some witty youngster nicknamed it Vanti Sagar (Puke Sea)! Cheeky!

We could have held our AGM in Food World the day it was declared open! Everybody rushed off and bought all sorts of stuff in the ‘buy one get one free’ category! Mainly us ‘old girls’ who can never resist a bargain. We even liked standing in a queue. It gave us such a big city feel! Before this, our mini mall was the (pseudo)Nilgiris up towards the more ‘halli’end of the road.

Mr, Padmanabha Reddy graced our Kalyan Nagar by building his house here and he ushered in prosperity, popularity and BMTC. Could you ask for more?

Yes, we could! A large eye-sore of a bar opposite JVV was razed to the ground and mysterious hammering and tonging went on behind the barricade. Could it be…would it be…a MALL? That would be the ultimate ‘tick’ to indicate that Kammanahalli had ARRIVED! Ah, well. Our transports were premature but in no time, CMR Road turned into EAT STREET. Beyond our wildest expectations: We have Filter Coffee to HiSeoul that serves Korean. We have more Ice Cream parlours and Cafes than you can count.

And , ok, no mall but lots of hi-end shops at the Ring road end of our street.

It’s true that nothing comes free. We have lost a lot of ‘walking spaces’. Now , if you have the temerity to try and walk to the Pink Water Tank on Ring Road, you will be knocked down by an SUV (twice) or get a dose of asthma from all the pollution!

I can’ wait to see what else ol’Kamanaali is going to bring on!

East Gate

photos by JP

My daughter and I were at the CSD Canteen, and I was lamenting the non availability of ‘Dove’, my preferred bathing soap.
“You still use SOAP ?” she cried incredulously, making the word `soap’ sound like a four letter word (I know it is, but you know what I mean). “Papa, who uses SOAP these days?”
I glanced around the aisle, ran my eye over the three whole shelf rows, full of the offending item, and was just about to answer “Well, just about everybody”, when she yanked my arm and dragged me to another counter.
“Here!” she said, grabbing a fancy looking tube from another counter, “Use This!”
The label on the collapsible tube said `Shower Gel’, and I wondered how on earth it could replace a healthy bar of soap which one could vigorously rub all over one’s body. I asked her how one used the stuff. She rolled her eyes heavenwards, and gave me the look one normally reserves for mentally challenged six year olds, and sighed “Papa don’t be so naive”
The shower gel, she explained, was not for the face – for that she picked up another smaller tube called a `Face wash’. It was my turn to roll my eyes skywards.
As kids, all we had at home were two basic soaps – a hefty red `Lifebuoy’ bar for bathing, and an even bigger yellow one for washing clothes. The richer kids used Lux, the `Soap of the film stars’, which accounted for the fact that they always smelt, or so I thought, a bit like pansies. The Lifebuoy, on the other hand, smelt exactly like what it was billed as – a germicidal. I finally gave up on it only when I saw it being used as a hand wash in College, and all the girls crinkling up their noses in disgust at its offensive smell.
For us Defence guys, our preferred brands of toiletries disparagingly referred to as `saaboon-tel’ is normally limited to whatever is available in the CSD Canteen! After Lifebuoy, I tried all sorts, including Liril. The sight of the bikini clad Karen cavorting under a waterfall forced me to buy quite a few cakes of Liril in the 70’s. Had to give it up hastily when a pretty young thing asked me why I always reeked so strongly of nimbu pani!
Call me the one who belongs to ancient times, but I still shave with an old fashioned double-edged razor blade, and a cup soap – However I migrated to using shaving cream after my wife complained that my bathroom smelt like a barber shop.
My son in law, on the other hand, alternates between shaving gels and foams, uses a Gillette Fusion razor, and has a set of colognes, aftershaves, perfumes and deodorants. To be fair, he is way way too conservative when compared to my other son in laws  sons in law.
Shampoo entered my life just a couple of years ago – earlier it was plain Shikakai soap, which my mother used throughout her life. My daughters have separate shampoos, conditioners and hair products which even I didn’t know existed! `All-in-one’ – shampoo, conditioner, face wash and shower gel – which can be use from head to toe.
My other nephew is much the same. After a shower, he’d sprinkle an entire can of talcum powder over his body and would then stomp all over the house leaving his footprints in white in every room. I once seriously suggested he use milk instead of water!
We are a nation of washers, not wipers – which is our biggest bane during our trips abroad. Here too, times have changed. The brass `lota’ has given way to the `mugga’ and then of course the hygiene faucet and the toilet paper has caused a shift in the morning rituals.
And post the act, when we need to wash the `guilt’ off our hands, we now have a range of liquid hand washes to choose from – of all fragrances, colours and sizes.
Not for me, however, the ghastly `hand sanitisers’ that my wife carries in her handbag along. I tried it once and found that I needed to wash my hands immediately after, since the sanitiser left my hands feeling dry and funny.
The yellow `shining cloth’ we used to brasso our stars and shine our ammunition boots with is now a thing of the past. We have separate micro fiber cleaning cloths for every surface – laptop screens, glassware, and even for spectacle lenses! But believe me, if you really want a sparkling shine on any surface, nothing, just nothing beats an old baniyan!
As a kid, I had to hide my Brylcreem from dad who insisted on `khopre-ka-tel’. Now, I guess I’ll have to hide a bar of soap from my daughter in favour of a tube of shower gel!
For years, it was our parents who dictated our choices. Now it is our children. The times, sure, are a changin’!
[recd as a fwd email]

An email received from IPPF

Dear Wing CommanderSmiling Girls

Look at the difference you’ve made!

Your support has helped us show world leaders how important it is to let women and girls decide what happens to their body, who they live with, the size of their family and their future.

We took your message, along with messages from 400,000 people in an incredible 151 other countries, to tell governments at the UNITED NATIONS negotiations over the last few months in New York, to put women and girls at the heart of their new Sustainable Development agenda.

They listened.

193 countries agreed the next set of development goals, and they have committed to making sure that every girl and woman can live free from discrimination and have access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights within one generation. If they are implemented these new goals will change hundreds of millions of lives.

But if we want this new agenda to change lives – and save lives – it must become a reality on the ground. We will now be following how all governments implement this agenda in their country and to ensuring that there is adequate funding for sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights.”

We will be in touch in the coming months on this, but for now we wanted simply wanted to say a big thank you and to let you know the success you have contributed to. .

If you to see more about what we’re doing please visit our website:

Thank you!

From Tewodros Melesse,
IPPF Director General

10 ways how some doctors cheat patients

DOC, DOC, thy name is CHEEEEAT

A renowned physician Dr B M Hegde Former Vice Chancellor of the Manipal University – has shown how a large number of doctors working in five-star hospitals shortchange patients in order to keep their management happy and enrich their own pockets.

“I recently had a chat with some doctors, surgeons and owners of nursing homes about the tricks of their trade. Here is what they said :-

1) 40-60% kickbacks for lab tests.

When a doctor (whether family doctor / general physician, consultant or surgeon) prescribes tests – pathology, radiology, X-rays, MRIs etc. – the laboratory conducting those tests gives commissions. In South and Central Mumbai — 40%. In the suburbs north of Bandra — a whopping 60 per cent! He probably earns a lot more in this way than the consulting fees that you pay.

2) 30-40% for referring to consultants, specialists surgeons.

When your friendly GP refers you to a specialist or surgeon, he gets 30-40%.

3) 30-40% of total hospital charges.

If the GP or consultant recommends hospitalization, he will receive kickback from the private nursing home as a percentage of all charges including ICU, bed, nursing care, surgery.

4) Sink tests.

Some tests prescribed by doctors are not needed. They are there to inflate bills and commissions. The pathology lab understands what is unnecessary. These are called “sink tests”; blood, urine, stool samples collected will be thrown.

5) Admitting the patient to “keep him under observation”.

People go to cardiologists feeling unwell and anxious. Most of them aren’t really having a heart attack, and cardiologists and family doctors are well aware of this. They admit such safe patients, put them on a saline drip with mild sedation, and send them home after 3-4 days after charging them a fat amount for ICU, bed charges, visiting doctors fees.

6) ICU minus intensive care.

Nursing homes all over the suburbs are run by doctor couples or as one-man-shows. In such places, nurses and ward boys are 10th cl-ass drop-outs in ill-fitting uniforms and bare feet. These “nurses” sit at the reception counter, give injections and saline drips, perform ECGs, apply dressings and change bandages, and assist in the operation theatre. At night, they even sit outside the Intensive Care Units; there is no resident doctor. In case of a crisis, the doctor — who usually lives in the same building — will turn up after 20 minutes, after this nurse calls him. Such ICUs admit safe patients to fill up beds. Genuine patients who require emergency care are sent elsewhere to hospitals having a Resident Medical Officer (RMO) round-the-clock.

7) Unnecessary caesarean surgeries and hysterectomies.

Many surgical procedures are done to keep the cash register ringing. Caesarean deliveries and hysterectomy (removal of uterus) are high on the list. While the woman with labour -pains is screaming and panicking, the obstetrician who gently suggests that caesarean is best seems like an angel sent by God! Menopausal women experience bodily changes that make them nervous and gullible. They can be frightened by words like ” and “fibroids” that are in almost every normal woman’s radiology reports. When a gynaecologist gently suggests womb removal “as a precaution”, most women and their husbands agree without a second’s thought.

8) Cosmetic surgery advertised through newspapers.

Liposuction and plastic surgery are not minor procedures. Some are life-threateningly major. But advertisements make them appear as easy as facials and waxing. The Indian medical council has strict rules against such  misrepresentation. But nobody is interested in taking action.

9) Indirect kickbacks from doctors to prestigious hospitals.

To be on the panel of a prestigious hospital, there is give-and-take involved. The hospital expects the doctor to refer many patients for hospital admission. If he fails to send a certain number of patients, he is quietly dumped. And so he likes to admit patients even when there is no need.

10)  “Emergency surgery” on dead body.

If a surgeon hurriedly wheels your patient from the Intensive Care Unit to the operation theatre, refuses to let you go inside and see him, and wants your signature on the consent form for “an emergency operation to save his life”, it is likely that your patient is already dead. The “emergency operation” is for inflating the bill; if you agree for it, the surgeon will come out 15 minutes later and report that your patient died on the operation table. And then, when you take  delivery of the dead body, you will pay OT charges, anaesthesiologists charges, blah-blah-Doctors are humans too. You can’t trust them blindly. Please understand the difference.

Young surgeons and old ones.
The young ones who are setting up nursing home etc. have heavy loans to settle. To pay back the loan, they have to perform as many operations as possible. Also, to build a reputation, they have to perform a large number of operations and develop their skills. So, at first, every case seems fit for cutting. But with age, experience and prosperity, many surgeons lose their taste for cutting, and stop recommending operations.

Physicians and surgeons.
To a man with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Surgeons like to solve medical problems by cutting, just as physicians first seek solutions with drugs. So, if you take your medical problem to a surgeon first, the chances are that you will unnecessarily end up on the operation table. Instead, please go to an ordinary GP first Prof. B. M. Hegde, MD, FRCP, FRCPE, FRCPCH, FRCPI, FACC, FAMS.

[received as a fwd email]

Wish you were around today Sam Bahadur,
you would never have permitted the treatment being meted out
to the ESM and Veer Naris.
Not a word from The Present Chiefs or Past Chiefs
even though insult upon insult is being heaped upon the Services
by no less a person than the PM!

The PM claims, in public rallies, that we are a financial burden on the poor of the country,
and he does not care if we keep sitting
on a ‘Dharna’ at Jantar Mantar.
The  posters strung out across Delhi
boasting  that the Government has given us OROP
is a pack of blatant lies…..
Yet, our Chiefs, Present and Past, are silent.
They are not the leaders like You.
Even Our Repeated Humble Appeals to them have been ignored.
I’m sure you would have had something stronger to say to The PM ,
and something more to this ungrateful nation,
who want a young Armed Forces
to save their hinds.


How to change the name on BESCOM electricity bill without bribe

No bribe, no extra cost. Get the name on your electricity bill changed to yours with no brokers. Here’s how you do it.

Changing name on the electricity bill is easy. Pic: Shree D N

I am a resident of Belathur in Kadugodi(Whitefield) area. Being a new apartment buyer, I started looking for getting things done, such as Electricity name change, Khata registration and others. I was surprised when the builder offered to get the name change in electricity metres done by paying bribe, without me having to visit any government office—he demanded Rs 2,000!

I thought of understanding what the actual process is, and what are the fees involved, and tried to do it on my own. To my surprise, after a few days of doing some online reading, visiting BESCOM website, calling BESCOM hotline etc, I realised the process is pretty simple and can be done in less than Rs 600. Below is the guide I put together after following the process. I shared the guide with some residents of my society and they also managed to get the name change done without any bribe.

Prerequisites: Get these things done first.

1. Take a printout of this form:

2. Get signature on the NOC for Name change (Form IV in above downloaded form) from present owner of meter.

The NOC should be from the person who features as Vendor on your sale deed.

3. Go to the place where EB Meters are placed, find your meter and take a photo of your meter on your phone, make sure that serial no, make of the meter and the reading is visible clearly.

If it does not show reading, please press the black button a couple of times until it displays the meter reading.

Take a black and white printout of this photo and preserve the photo in your mobile. This is needed to get the page 2 entries (For Office Use only page ) filled by the BESCOM assistant engineer.

4. Two bonds need to be purchased – indemnity bond & power agreement.

BESCOM requires the applicants to provide these bonds along with application. These can be purchased from shops near BESCOM offices or some electrical shops keep these.

The place where I purchased them: Laxmi Narasimha Electricals shop– before Hoodi Circle on the left from ITPL on first floor. You can look for a place nearby your residence.

Cost: Rs. 200 (Indemnity) + Rs. 200 (Power Agreement) + Rs 50 Charges. Total: 450

*Note – The indemnity bond was valued at Rs.100. Now it has been revised to Rs.200

5. Certified/Notarised Sale Deed:

If SBI/Other Bank Loan: Go to RACPC/ bank branch with two copies of sale deed and get them certified from the bank. They do this without any charge.

If LIC-Loan/Others – I heard LIC is refusing to certify and asking for hefty amount. Please get the copies certified from Notary/LIC.

6. Purchase a paper file with clip inside. Punch all the docs along with latest EB bill at the top (must be paid already).

Please fill the forms. If you are not sure of something, leave the space empty.

When above prerequisites are met, kindly do following:

1. Go to nearest BESCOM Sub-division Office.

For me it was in Kadugodi. Meet AE/JE and get the documents and file verified—here we just need his sign/stamp on page FOR OFFICE USE ONLY. Show him the printout of the photo of the meter, from which he can get the details and fill the entries there and sign and stamp on Page 2 (Office Use Only).

2. Once JE/AE has signed & stamped the page2 .

The next step is to submit the file. The file should be submitted again in BESCOM office. Generally if your BESCOM subdivision is a small centre they ask you to visit the nearby main BESCOM centre. I was asked to submit the file in Whitefield BESCOM centre.

Show the file and get it verified. You will be asked to pay Rs 100 as transfer fee, in the cash counter for which you will get an acknowledgement. Please visit the BESCOM Office before opening time in advance, to avoid the huge rush in the cash counter.

Once the transfer fee is paid, file needs to be submitted. Please write your RR No and name on the file. To be on safer side, please take snaps of your application in your mobile.

Once the application file is submitted, it will take a month for your name to reflect on BESCOM website on your bill. If your name does not appear, please visit the office again and enquire. You may call BESCOM hotline 1912 for status too.

So Total Expenses:

1. Transfer fee: Rs 100

2. Indemnity Bond +Power Agreement +Charge =Rs 200 + Rs 200 + Rs 50(extra charges) = Rs. 350

3. Cardboard file: Rs 10

Total: Rs 560

One thing I learnt is not to talk to people standing outside offices, or on stairs, lingering there who might be the brokers, who can read our faces!

You should not give up or feel worried at any point. The worst thing that can happen from trying on your own is the work may be slightly delayed, but it’s bound to be completed successfully. This was an enriching experience, to get the work done without any bribe, and I feel all should do it on their own.


We need a permanent solution to this tussle over emoluments so that the armed forces need only confront the enemies of the nation, says T.R.Ramaswami IAS.


In the continuing debate on pay scales for the armed forces, there has to be a serious and transparent effort to ensure that the country is not faced with an unnecessary civil-military confrontation.That effort will have to come from the netas, who are the real and true bosses of the armed forces and not the civil bureaucracy. A solution may lie in what follows. This country requires the best armed forces, the best police and the best civil service. In fact that is what the British ensured.. By best one means that a person chooses which service he wants as per his desires/capabilities and not based on the vast differential in prospects in the various services.

How much differential is there?

Take Maharashtra, one of the most parsimonious with police ranks thus still retaining some merit –

The 1981 IPS batch have become 3-star generals, the 1987 are 2-star and the 1994 1-star.

In the army the corresponding years are 1972, 1975, 1979. ie a differential of 10-15 years. While the differential is more with the IAS, the variance with the IPS is all the more glaring because both are uniformed services and the grades are “visible” on the shoulders.

First some general aspects. Only the armed forces are a real profession, ie where you rise to the top only by joining at the bottom. We have had professors of economics become Finance Secretaries or even Governors of RBI. We have any number of MBBSs,engineers, MBAs, in the police force though what their qualifications lend to their jobs is a moot point. You can join at any level in the civil service, except Cabinet Secretary. A civil servant can move from Animal Husbandry to Civil Aviation to Fertilisers to Steel to yes, unfortunately, even to Defence. But the army never asks for Brigade Commanders or a Commandant of the Army War College or even Director General Military Intelligence, even from RAW or IB. Army officers can and have moved into organizations like IB and RAW but it is never the other way round. MBBS and Law graduates are only in the Medical or JAG Corps and do nothing beyond their narrow areas. Every Army Chief – in any army – has risen from being a commander of a platoon to company to battalion to brigade to division to corps to army.In fact the professionalism is so intense that no non-armoured corps officer ever commands an armoured formation , first and possibly only exception in world military history is General K. Sunderji.Perhaps it is this outstanding professionalism that irks the civil services.

Next, one must note the rigidity and steep pyramid of the army’s rank structure. In the civil services any post is fungible with any grade based on political expediency and the desires of the service. For example I know of one case where one department downgraded one post in another state and up-graded one in Mumbai just to enable someone continue in Mumbai after promotion!

You can’t fool around like this in the armed forces. A very good Brigadier cannot be made a Major-General and continue as brigade commander. There has to be a clear vacancy for a Major General and even then there may be others better than him. Further the top five ranks in the army comprise only 10% of the officer strength. Contrast this with the civil services where entire batches become Joint Secretaries.

Even the meaning of the word “merit” is vastly different in the army and the civil services. Some years back an officer of the Maharashtra cadre claimed that he should be the Chief Secretary as he was first in the merit list.Which merit list? At the time of entry more than 35 years before! The fact is that this is how merit is decided in the IAS and IPS. Every time a batch gets promoted the inter-se merit is still retained as at the time of entry. In other words if you are first in a batch at the time of entry, then as long as you get promoted, you continue to remain first! This is like someone in the army claiming that he should become chief because he got the Sword of Honour at the IMA. Even a Param Vir Chakra does not count for promotion, assuming that you are still alive. In the armed forces, merit is a continuous process – each time a batch is promoted the merit list is redrawn according to your performance in all the previous assignments with additional weightage given not only to the last one but also to your suitability for the next one.Thus if you are a Brigade Commander and found fit to become a Major General, you may not get a division because others have been found better to head a division. That effectively puts an end to your promotion to Lt. General.The compensation package must therefore address all the above issues. In each service, anyone must get the same total compensation by the time he reaches the ‘mode rank’ of his service. “Mode” is a statistical term it is the value where the maximum number of variables fall.

In the IAS normally everyone reaches Director and in the IPS it is DIG. In the army, given the aforementioned rank and grade rigidities and pyramidical structure, the mode rank cannot exceed Colonel. Thus a Colonel’s gross career earnings (not salary scales alone) must be at par with that of a Director. But remember that a Colonel retires at 54, but every babu from peon to Secretary at 60 regardless of performance.Further, it takes 18-20 years to become a Colonel whereas in that time an IAS officer reaches the next higher grade of Joint Secretary, which is considered equal to a Major General.These aspects and others – like postings in non-family stations – must be addressed while fixing the overall pay scales of Colonel and below. Thereafter a Brigadier will be made equal to a Joint Secretary, a Major-General to an Additional Secretary and a Lt. General to a Secretary. The Army Commanders deserve a new rank -Colonel General – and should be above a Secretary but below Cabinet Secretary. The equalization takes place at the level of Cabinet Secretary and Army Chief.

If this is financially a problem I have another solution. Without increasing the armed forces’ scales, reduce the scales of the IAS and IPS till they too have 20% shortage.


Even India ‘s corruption index will go down.

If the above is accepted in principle, there is a good case to review the number of posts above Colonel. Senior ranks in the armed forces have become devalued with more and more posts being created.But the same pruning exercise is necessary in the IAS and more so inthe IPS, where Directors General in some states are re-writing police manuals eg one is doing Volume I and another Volume II!

Further the civil services have such facilities as “compulsory wait” ie basically a picnic at taxpayers cost. And if you are not promoted or posted where you don’t want to go they seem able to take off on leave with much ease. In the army you will be court-martialled. Also find out how many are on study leave. The country cannot afford this.

Let not someone say that the IAS and IPS exams are tougher and hence the quality of the officers better. An exam at the age of 24 has to be tougher than one at the age of 16. The taxpaying citizen is not interested in your essay/note writing capabilities or whether you know Cleopatra’s grandfather.

As a citizen I always see the army being called to hold the pants of the civil services and the police and never the other way round. That’s enough proof as to who is really more capable. Also recall the insensitive statements made by the IG Meerut in the Aarushi case and the Home Secretary after the blasts. Further, when the IAS and IPS hopefuls are sleeping, eating and studying, their school mates, who have joined the army, stand vigil on the borders to make it possible for them to do so. Remember that the armed forces can only fight for above the table pay. They can never compete with the civil services and definitely not with the police for the under the table variety.

Finally, there is one supreme national necessity. The political class, not the bureaucracy – which represents the real civil supremacy better become more savvy on matters relating to the armed forces. Till then they are at the mercy of the civil service, who frequently play their own little war games. At ministerial level there are some very specialized departments eg Finance, Railways,Security (Home), Foreign and Defence, where split second decisions are necessary. It is always possible to find netas savvy in finance, foreign relations and railways. Security has been addressed in getting a former IPS officer as NSA at the level of a MoS.Is it time that a professional is also brought into the Defence Ministry as MoS? The sooner the better. In fact this will be better than a CoDS because the armed forces will have someone not constrained by the Army Act or Article 33 of the Constitution.Of course the loudest howls will come from the babus. The netas must realize that a divide and rule policy cannot work where the country’s security is concerned. Recall 1962?

Our army, already engaged in activities not core to their functions, including rescuing babies from borewells, should not have to engage in civil wars over their pay scales. I only hope our defence minister or anyone who would take a reasonable stand for defence forces ever gets to see this article.

It would definitely affect any person with an iota of integrity

source n credits :

Good days have arrived

Many may not agree that good days [‘ache din’]  have come with the ‘not so new’ government at Delhi. How else do you explain the following:

1) I had submitted my income tax return – ONLINE – on 24th Aug 2015 and got my refund on 3rd Sep 2015.
2) Earlier, my passport renewal was submitted ONLINE, was called for personal interview the next day at the camp office at OOTY though the regional Passport Office is at Coimbatore. Since address change was involved, I was expecting police verification etc to take its own sweet time but got a pleasant surprise [or was it a shock?] when the postman delivered my Renewed/New passport exactly after six days. No wonder, Coimbatore RPO has been declared the best regional passport office in the country for the past couple of years.

Apple Cider Vinegar is Not Just for Food

Apple Cider Vinegar is often used for salad dressings, marinades, vinaigrettes, and chutneys, but that’s not all: It’s known to prolong the feeling of satiety after eating, it has well-documented anti-glycemic effects, and quite a few other uses that everyone should know about.
1. Detox Tea

Apple Cider Vinegar

2. Varicose Veins Remover

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Rub apple cider vinegar on your veins twice a day, and drink a teaspoon once a day.

3.All-Natural Toner

Apple Cider Vinegar

4. Get Rid of Warts

Apple Cider Vinegar

What you need:
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Cotton wool
  • Medical tape
What you do:
  1. Clean the area.
  2. Fully soak the cotton wool with apple cider vinegar.
  3. Place the soaked wool on the wart and cover with medical tape (or bandage).
  4. Repeat daily until the wart dries out and falls off (should take up to a week).
5. Treat Nail fungus

Apple Cider Vinegar

Soak your toenail in a 1:2 solution of vinegar and water for 15 minutes a day.
6. Chemical-Free Flea Tick Repellant

Apple Cider Vinegar

 Make a 1:1 solution of water and organic apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle, and spray the dog once a week. If your dog doesn’t being sprayed, use a soaked washcloth instead.
You can also add a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar to the dog’s water twice a week for similar results. Be sure to only use organic ACV, as the more processed kind is not good for dogs.
7. Say “Bye Bye” to Moles

Apple Cider Vinegar

 What you need:
  • Organic apple cider vinegar
  • Sterile needle (use rubbing alcohol or fire to sterilize it)
  • Cotton wool
What to do:
  1. Clean the area.
  2. Use the sterile needle to poke a few holes in the mole. (There are no nerves, so it won’t hurt).
  3. Apply an ACV-soaked piece of cotton to the mole for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Repeat daily until the mole falls off. (Should be within a a week).
8. Effective Fruit Fly Trap

Apple Cider Vinegar

 What you need:
  • A jar
  • Raw apple cider vinegar
  • Small piece of paper
  • Liquid dish detergent
What to do:
  1. Mix 2/3 cup of apple cider vinegar and about a tablespoon of dish detergent in a jar.
  2. Create a cone out of the piece of paper and put it in the jar, as shown in the picture.
  3. Leave the jar where the fruit flies are and let the mix work its magic.
9. Homemade Weed Killer

Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix ½ gallon (2 liters) of apple cider vinegar, ¼ cup salt, and ½ teaspoon of liquid dish detergent. Put in a spray bottle and spray any weed you want to get rid of.

 10. Homemade Cough Remedy

Apple Cider Vinegar

  What you need:
  • 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 2 tablespoons of water
  • ¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon of ground ginger
What to do:
Mix all the ingredients in a jar and shake well to mix them. Take a teaspoon for a child aged 2-9 years, and a tablespoon for ages 10 and up.
11. Better Hair Care With Baking Soda and ACV

Apple Cider Vinegar


 What you need:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Squeeze bottle
What to do:
Hair wash:
  1. Mix 4-5 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 cup of water and pour into a squeeze bottle.
  2. Wet your hair, then pour the mixture on it. Make sure to get it on all your hair.
  3. Let it sit for about a minute, then rinse thoroughly.
  1. Make a mixture of 1:4 ACV and water.
  2. Squeeze any excess water from your hair.
  3. Cover your hair with the mixture and rub it in a regular conditioner.
  4. Thoroughly rinse your hair.
12. Soothe and Heal a Sunburn

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apply straight to the burn, or you can dilute it with a bit of water if it stings too much. Use a towel or washcloth and keep it on the affected for 20-30 minutes.
13. Heal Eczema

Apple Cider Vinegar

  Mix ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar with 3 cups of water and lightly apply on the affected area. Caution – it may sting

Dear Prime Minister,

At the outset, let me put on record our [ex-fauji] deep appreciation for accepting and announcing [through the Defence Minister] the much awaited and anticipated OROP. Though, contrary to our expectations, the acceptance has not been in true ‘spirit and letter’, at least you have ‘solved’ a forty plus years festering wound that was not permitted to heal by the babus.

The biggest joke is that a political party that inflicted this wound now claims credit for healing it.

We learn that ” Under the OROP Scheme:

I. The benefit will be given with effect from 1st July, 2014.
II. Arrears will be paid in four half-yearly installments. All widows, including war widows, will be paid arrears in one installment.
III. To begin with, OROP would be fixed on the basis of calendar year 2013.
IV. Pension will be re-fixed for all pensioners retiring in the same rank and with the same length of service as the average of minimum and maximum pension in 2013. Those drawing pensions above the average will be protected.

V. Personnel who voluntarily retire will not be covered under the OROP scheme.

VI. In future, the pension would be re-fixed every 5 years”.

We agree that the ‘ OROP is a complex issue. A thorough examination of interests of retirees of different periods and different ranks is needed. The inter-service issues of the three Forces also require consideration. This is not an administrative matter alone. Therefore, it has also been decided that a One Member Judicial Committee would be constituted which will give its report in six months‘.

It is gratifying to note that the VRS joke [made inadvertently, we hope, based on a biased babu’s draft] in clause V above has been dropped totally.

Sir, my humble request is on the One Member Judicial Committee. Instead of one member, may I suggest that the Committee be of FIVE MEMBER with the following :

  1. Chairman – a Judicial Officer [hopefully a apex court judge]
  2. General (R) VP Mallick – a saner voice acceptable to both ex-fauji and the Govt
  3. Shri.Rajiv Chandrasehkar, a Rajya Sabha MP – a young and smart parliametarian who has been involved in matter military for a long time.
  4. A serving officer of the rank of Lt.General or equivalent rank who is NOT lined up to be the next chief
  5. An officer of the rank of Additional Sec. from the Defence Ministry.

The committee should submit its report within a period of THREE months

Lastly, though the OROP could have been handled more gracefully and a lot of good will generated, we feel that a step in the right direction has been taken for the welfare of ‘nobody’s children called ex-servicemen including (war) widows’ after all these years.

Proud to be Indians. God bless India!

Post Script [info from the JVV group emails] It takes less than 10 seconds to compute ALL aspects of OROP, for our 3 million Veterans

Profile Photo

Rear Admiral BR Vasanth (Retd) has shown how hollow is the claim of our netas and babus that the calculations of OROP is a complicated affair.

Rear Admiral BR Vasanth (Retd)April 28, 2015 at 1:59 PM #

 From the net -

Rear Admiral BR Vasanth (Retd)
Miyan Manor
79/3 Nandidurga Road
Benson Town,
Bangalore 560 046
Mbl: +91 98450-27004

During the war period, in 1965, I was (as Lt Cdr (08 Sep 63), the Senior Instructor and in charge of the establishment’s electronic (wireless, radar, sonar, weapon control) systems.

Within a short period of 10 days, we had to make operational all the equipment, which were in various stages of dismantlement, for continuing training purposes.

During thee war, Valsura gave invaluable early warning to the Air Force Station and to the town of Jamnagar, besides for self protection.

Commodore BC Chatterjee was our Commanding Officer.


He should know as he is credited with the computeration of all stores in the Indian Navy in the early 80s. As an Electrical Engineer by profession, he has kept up with the long strides taken in the comptr field over the last few yrs. If I am not wrong, he is still active in this field at Bangalore , where he has settled down after retirement.

One point that keeps repeating regularly in every discussion that, it is difficult to review pensions every year, is nothing short of exhibiting imbecile mind by whoever says that. Let us remind such imbeciles, that our Railway Reservation system handles millions of entries everyday without errors and whenever fares are altered, they are done within minutes by our IT boys in Railways. Let us also remind them that the entire programming for Mangalyan was done here in India, by our IT scientists. And, both these Institutions are under Govt of India itself. Why can’t they seek their help in preparing

one such programme which will cater to ALLneeds of ALL pensioners ALL the time, ALL through the year.

We are not asking for any Secret or Confidential Government Data. As Official / non Official Ex Servicemen Welfare Organisations, we have Right of Access to Public Data on the Veterans.

 The Pension Authorities have Veterans’ Data recorded in nearly 100 fields; I have its Structure. We need only OROP Relevant Computable Data of about 10 fields like, Service Number, Retiring Rank, Date of Birth, Date of Commission, Date of Retirement, Length of Service, Married/Single, Living/Demised, Date of Death, Pension Eligible Spouse is living or not, Additional Pension for Awards, NPA etc. There is no State Secret in these OROP relevant Data.      

These days, the smallest capacity Pen Drive is of 4 GB = 4,000 MB. The OROP relevant Computable Data would occupy less than 200 MB; mere 5% of the Smallest Pen Drive. As I had figuratively mentioned earlier to a distinguished General, the OROP computable Data on ALL the about 60 million Veterans of ALL Defence Forces of ALL Kingdoms since the 300 BC Chandragupta Maurya,  in our Greater Bharat (present Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangaldesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka) could be put in a 4 GB Pen Drive costing less than Rs 200 and could be OROP computed in less than 3 minutes.   

It takes less than 10 seconds to compute ALL aspects of OROP, for our 3 million Veterans.


Atlast the GOI has announced the ‘so called’ OROP ‘implementation’. Being an ‘ex-veteran’ and that too, a “VOLUNTARILY RETIRED” officer, I feel both angry and amused.

Angry, becuase the PM and his Defence Minister did not keep their words but were sold by the babus – lock, stock and ‘barrel’.

Otherwsie, how can a Defence Minister announce such a major ‘initiative of no pension to VRS personnel’ without knowing that there is nothing called VRS for the ‘uniformed’ fauji. It is called PMR – Pre Mature Retirement.

One can ask for PMR under some grounds, especially, supersession when the LORDS at the HQs decide that some [rather majority] ‘special ones’ are not getting promotion to the higher rank. Also, for any officer to get pension, MINIMUM period of service is 20yrs. For serving the country for 20 yrs, the initial engagement of service, requires you to execute a BOND which is irrevocable. Babus – be informed.

The sad part is, the RM or Defence Minister of the country, is making himself a fool by reading out such an important announcement containing blatant mistakes.

I am amused that the three Service Chiefs in full uniform flanking the RM did not have the ‘guts or courage of conviction’ to correct the ‘BOSS’. Or, is it possible that they themselves were not aware of the difference between VRS and PMR but brought into the press conf. to add some ‘colour?

Manohar Parrikar: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar with Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha and Army Chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag at a press conference to announce implementation of One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme in New Delhi,on Saturday.(Photo by Virendra Singh Gosain/ Hindustan Times)

What a joke! A sad joke at that !!

Air Commodore S. Murugan comments :
A sad joke indeed! But also poor joke. This would not stand logic in any court.There had been judgements concerning disabled soldiers. That is why immediate correction by “unknown sources”. The sad part of it is that many veterans will not be alive to enjoy the success at the court.


Commander  SK Sridhar Comments :
I am tempted to think so regarding the knowledge of PMR & VRS since they are now above that bracket. If it doesn’t concern me it’s got nothing to do with me Syndrome.

Cheers to the Camaraderie.

Let us go bananas

Banana, considered as ‘fruit of happiness’, contains Tryptophan Mino substance which helps in increasing ‘happy hormone’. It helps in improving your mood and emotions.

This happy fruit provides energy to nervous system which regulates your digestion and controls your blood pressure, making heart muscles strong. A ripe banana quickly helps in restoring your energy levels with three natural sugar: sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber.

Bananas© Provided by MiD-DAY Bananas

A brown-spotted banana hints that the antioxidant levels have increased. The brown spots form when the chlorophyll in the fruit begins to break down and turn into antioxidants.
It assists with weight loss and helps you in easing your hangover..
It is a brain food which helps in boosting libido.
It can help in treating stomach ulcers. It has natural heart burn therapy.
It also helps you to quit smoking and neurological disorders.

Banana peels can do much more than offering comic relief in slapstick films. Rub the inside of the banana peel over a mosquito bite to soothe the itch.

The inside of a banana peel can also heal planter warts. If you’re free from such health complaints, it’s still worth keeping your peels out of landfill. Instead, bury them in your garden; they make a great natural fertilizer.

Bananas for cancer
Over-ripe bananas produce an anti-cancer substance that combats cancer cells
With all those advantages, why not peel yourself a banana today?
With chemical antidepressants taking six to eight weeks to kick in, perhaps sufferers would be better off reaching for a quick banana fix.

(Mid-Day as seen in



Dear Prime Minister,

I feel, deeply feel pained and betrayed. By your action, rather your inaction, on the OROP issue. For the First Time, I have started having doubts on your ability to solve the issues facing this great Country and its people.

I have been an unabashed supporter of you even before you became the Prime Minister. Never doubted your ability to solve the problems of this country. Definitely, never doubted your words or promises. I was under the impression that before you promised and  said anything, plenty of thought and preparation went into it.

The dillydallying and delaying tactics of announcing the One Pay One Pension has deeply hurt me. How can the IAS lobby, through the Finance Minister Arun Jaitly, convince you to backtrack and betray the Ex-Servicemen, the fauji that fought for this country without fear by giving up their youth, the best years of life?

Do you realise that you are losing an enormous amount of Good Will ? Do you understand the repercussions and the rippling effects that will have on the ‘serving’ Defence Forces when the ex-fauji is neglected and OROP issue relegated and reneged?

Sir, I feel totally betrayed and deeply pained.

Wing Commander Bellie Jayaprakash  [an ex-fauji]



crows 024

August fifteenth.
Independence day.
Freedom from occupation of the land
by aliens.Celebrations.

But what about freedom
from exploitation of gender and hunger
from fights over caste and religion
from inequality based on creed and region
India, my great land of legends
when are you going to be really FREE?


The Power to Change

For header

Give me the power to dare
to reach the heights with no fear,
Instead of meekly stand and stare.

Give me the courage to defend
the innocent from injustice of any kind,
Instead of simply sit back and pretend.

Give me the strength to protect
the unique and wild to keep them intact,
Instead of finding excuses to destruct.

Give me the heart to offer
whatever is left in the coffer,
Instead of walking past those who suffer.

Give me the chance to dream
Give me the courage to dare
Give me the conviction to do.



 1. India produces 1000 varieties of mangoes!
Each of these varieties is named after colours, places, shapes, tastes, flavours, precious stones and even royalty.
2. India experiences 6 seasons in a year.
Summer monsoon, summer, winter monsoon, winter, autumn and spring.
3. India has most number of mosques in the world.
It has around 400000 mosques, exceeding the number of mosques in muslim countries as well.
4. Cotton was first spun and woven in India.

Mughals referred to the fabric as ‘cloth of running water’ or ‘morning dew’.
5. Snakes and ladders was known as ‘Mokshapat’.
Saint Gyandev invented the board game ‘Snakes and Ladders’ in the 13th century. He called it ‘Mokshapat’, in which the ladders represented virtues and snakes symbolized vices.

6. There is no land between Somnath Shiva temple and the south pole.

The Abadhit Samudra Marg, Tirsthambh (Arrow) indicates the unobstructed sea route to the South Pole.

7. World’s first university was established in India.

Takshila university, established in 700 BCE, taught about 60 subjects to more than 10,000 students from all of the world!

8. Peacock was initially bred for food.

Yes, our national bird was initially bred for food.

9. Rameshwaram Temple has the longest corridor in the world.

The corridor is 4000 feet in length with 985 richly carved pillars on both sides.

10. There is a crater in the moon named after Aryabhatta.

The famous mathematician who invented zero, also has his name on the first satellite launched by India.

11. Sanskrit is a perfect language for developing a computer software.

It is the only language that has precise syntax and grammar.

12. First successful eye transplant was performed in India.

This was done by a British Army surgeon who restored his pet antelope’s vision by taking the cornea of a recently killed antelope.

13. Arabic numerals were not invented in Arabia, but in India.

14. India has never invaded any country.

It has gone through multiple conquests and invasions, but never invaded a single country in it’s entire history!

15. Artists of Kangra school of art painted with blood!

The artists would use strange substances to paint, like blood and crushed beetles.

16. Father of Medicine and Father of Surgery, both Indians.

One of the earliest school of medicine known to mankind is Ayurveda. It was consolidated by Charaka nearly 2500 years ago.

Sushruta, father of surgery, used to conducted complicated surgical procedures 2600 years ago, without the sophisticated instruments of today.

17. Padmanabhaswamy is the world’s richest temple.

The untold riches of Thiruvananthapuram’s Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple, which was discovered four years ago and was estimated at Rs 1 lakh crore.  In terms of precious metals and precious stones, it is by far the wealthiest institution and place of worship of any kind in the recorded history of the world.

18. India has the largest postal network in the world.

It has over 1,50,000 post offices! So write letters to people to use this amazing system.

19. Diamonds were first discovered in India.

It was the only source of diamonds for the world until 1896. Now you know why the British got here.

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Tips to Think about

Rules to live by

As we grow old and hence wiser, we slowly realize that wearing a $300 or $30K watch, they both tell the same time…..

Whether we carry a a $300 or $30K wallet/handbag, the amount of money inside is the same;
Whether we drink a bottle of $30 or $3K wine, the vomiting is the same;
Whether the house we live in is 30 or 300sqm, the loneliness is the same.
Hopefully, one day you will realise, your true inner happiness does not come from the material things of this world.
Whether you fly first or economy class, if the plane goes down, you go down with it…..
Therefore..I hope you realise, when you have mates, buddies and old friends, brothers and sisters, chat, laugh, talk, sing song, talk about north-south-east-west, heaven & earth, that’s true happiness!!

Five Undeniable Facts of Life :

  1. Don’t educate your children to be rich. ​ ​Educate them to be Happy. So when they grow up they will know the value of things not the price.
  2. Best awarded words in London …”Eat your food as your medicines. Otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food”.
  3. The One who loves you will never leave you because even if there are 100 reasons to give up he will find one reason to hold on
  4. There is a lot of difference between human being and being human. A Few understand it.
  5. You are loved when you are born.You will be loved when you die. In between, You have to manage…! If you want to Walk Fast, Walk Alone..! But if you want to Walk Far, Walk Together..!!

Six Best Doctors in the World

1.Sunlight   2.Rest    3.Exercise     4.Diet    5.Self Confidence   &   6.Friends

Maintain them in all stages of Life and enjoy healthy life

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The man who made Crores from nothing.

He could just pass 10th. He was jobless. Nothing too much in the name of assets.

He reached Mumbai in search of a job. It was not a great start for him. He was looted outside the Bandra station for the only rupees 200 he had and other belongings. He lost everything excluding the clothes he was wearing.

The most unfortunate thing was that he was robbed by the person who accompanied him to Mumbai and promised a rupees 1200 per month job. Because he feared that his parents would not allow him work in Mumbai, he came to Mumbai without informing them.

Before coming to Mumbai, he worked in Chennai and earned rupees 250 a month. He would send the money to his family in Nagalapuram Village located in the Tuticorin district of Tamilnadu. His family included his parents and seven siblings.

At Bandra station in the year 1990, a 17-year-old boy who had nothing, except determination.
He did not understand Hindi. Feeling pity about his situation, a Tamilian took him to a temple and appealed visitors to contribute money and arrange a ticket for him to Chennai.But the 17 year old boy, Prem Ganapathy, was damn sure that Mumbai is going to make his life. After a bit of effort, he got a job of washing utensils at Mahim Bakery. He would earn rupees 150 per month. He continued working at several restaurants to earn and save.

In about two years, he saved some money to start his own business of selling Idlis. He hired a handcart for rupees 150 per month rent and bought some utensils along with a stove for rupees 1000. It was year 1992, when he started operating his business outside Vashi railway station.
After doing it all alone for some time. He felt the need for some manpower as his business grew. He brought two of his younger brothers to Mumbai. He ensured hygiene at the eatery and they all wore a cap. This was a surprise for his customers as roadside eateries did never care about this.

Local authorities seized his cart on many occasions and he had to pay the penalty to get it back as such carts did not get a license. In few years, he saved some money and leased a shop by giving rupees 50000 as a deposit. They paid a monthly rent of rupees 5000 and also hired two additional employees. His streetside cart was now a small restaurant.

Many of his frequent visitors were college students and he made good friendship with them. He learned using internet from them and started looking for recipes on internet. He started experimenting with dosas and in the first year itself, introduced 26 new dosas like Schezwan Dosa, Paneer Chilli Dosa and Spring Roll Dosa. By 2002, his restaurant had 105 varieties of dosa and earned a lot of fame.

However, he always dreamt of having an outlet in a mall. He approached many malls but his offer was turned down as they were reserved for big brand like McDonald’s etc.
But he got an opportunity to open his outlet in the Center One Mall at Vashi. He got the opportunity because the managerial staff at the mall were frequent visitors to his restaurant. His outlet in the mall was a big success and people started asking for the business franchise. He agreed to the offer on a condition that all the ingredients will be provided by them.

In year 2012, they had 45 restaurants across 11 Indians states and 7 at foreign nations like New Zealand, Dubai(U.A.E), Muscat (Oman). Everything under the name of The Dosa Plaza. The man who was standing outside Bandra station without a single penny with him in 1990, had set up a brand and empire of 30 crores in 2012.

Hard work always triumphs!! Kudos to Prem Ganapathy!

visit if you want to be a franchisee

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Will you be Mary?

MARY is the proprietor of a bar in Dublin. She realises that virtually all of her customers are unemployed alcoholics and, as such, can no longer afford to patronise her bar – she will go broke.

​To solve this problem, she comes up with a new marketing plan that allows her customers to drink now, but pay later.

She keeps track of the drinks consumed on a ledger (thereby granting the customers loans). Word gets around about Mary’s ‘drink now, pay later’ marketing strategy and, as a result, increasing numbers of customers flood into Mary’s bar.

​Soon she has the largest sales volume for any bar in Dublin — all is starting to look rosy.
 By providing her customers freedom from immediate payment demands Mary gets no resistance when, at regular intervals, she substantially increases her prices for wine and beer, the most consumed beverages.
Consequently, Mary’s gross sales volume increases massively.

A young and dynamic vice-president at the local bank recognises that these customer debts constitute valuable future assets and increases Mary’s borrowing limit.He sees no reason for any undue concern, since he has the debts of the unemployed alcoholics as collateral.At the bank’s corporate headquarters, expert traders figure a way to make huge commissions, and transform these customer loans into Drinkbonds and Alkibonds. These securities are then bundled and traded on international security markets.

The new investors don’t really understand that the securities being sold to them as ‘AAA’ secured bonds are really the debts of unemployed alcoholics. They have had a ‘rating house’ certify they are of good quality.
Nevertheless, the bond prices continuously climb, and the securities soon become the hottest-selling items for some of the nation’s leading brokerage houses.
One day, even though the bond prices are still climbing, a risk manager at the original local bank decides that the time has come to demand payment on the debts incurred by the drinkers at Mary’s bar. He so informs Mary.
Mary then demands payment from her alcoholic patrons, but, being unemployed alcoholics, they cannot pay back their drinking debts.

Since Mary cannot fulfil her loan obligations she is forced into bankruptcy. So she now is broke.

 The bar closes and the 11 employees lose their jobs.
​Overnight, Drinkbonds and Alkibonds drop in price by 90%.
The collapsed bond asset value destroys the bank’s liquidity and prevents it from issuing new loans, thus freezing credit and economic activity in the community.
The suppliers of Mary’s bar had granted her generous payment extensions and had invested their firms’ pension funds in the various Bond securities. They find they are now faced with having to write-off her bad debt and with losing over 90% of the presumed value of the bonds.
Her wine supplier also claims bankruptcy, closing the doors on a family business that had endured for three generations. Her beer supplier is taken over by a competitor, who immediately closes the local plant and lays off 150 workers.

Fortunately though, the bank, the brokerage houses and their respective executives are saved and bailed out by a multi-billion euro, no-strings attached cash infusion from their cronies in government.

 The funds required for this bailout are obtained by new taxes levied on employed, middle-class, non-drinkers who have never been in Mary’s bar.
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Taking Life for granted

Please spend a few minutes to read this – it may make a HUGE difference in life (after death}

Letter written by a wife after her husband’s death in an accident

“Few things I learnt after my husband’s death:-

We always believe we will live forever. Bad things always happen to others.

Only when things hit us bang on your head you realise… Life is so unpredictable….

My husband was an IT guy, All technical. And I am a chartered accountant. Awesome combination you may think.

Techie guy so everything is on his laptop. His to do list. His e-bill and his bank statements in his email. He even maintained a folder which said IMPWDS wherein he stored all login id and passwords for all his online accounts. And even his laptop had a password. Techie guy so all the passwords were alpha-numeric with a special character not an easy one to crack. Office policy said passwords needed to be changed every 30 days. So every time I accessed his laptop I would realize it’s a new password again. I would simply opt for asking him ‘What’s the latest password instead of taking the strain to memorize it.

You may think me being a Chartered Accountant would means everything is documented and filed properly. Alas many of my chartered accountant friends would agree that the precision we follow with our office documents and papers do not flow in to day to day home life. At office you have be epitome of Reliability / Competent / Diligent etc but. At home front there is always a tomorrow.

One fine morning my hubby expired in a bike accident on his way home from office.. He was just 33. His laptop with all his data crashed. Everything on his hard disk wiped off. No folder of IMPWDS to refer back to. His mobile with all the numbers on it was smashed. But that was just the beginning. I realised I had lot to learn.

9 years married to one of the best human beings with no kids just the two of us to fall back on but now I stood all alone and lost.

Being chartered accountant helped in more ways than one but it was not enough. I needed help. His saving bank accounts, his salary bank accounts had no nominee. On his insurance his mom was the nominee and it was almost 2 years back she had expired. But this was just a start. I didn’t know the password to his email account where all his e-bill came. I didn’t know which expenses he paid by standing instructions.

His office front too was not easy. His department had changed recently. I didn’t know his reporting boss name to start with when had he last claimed his shift allowance, his mobile reimbursement.

The house we bought with all the excitement on a loan thought with our joint salary we could afford the EMI.  when the home loans guys suggested insurance on the loan, we decided the instead of paying the premium the difference in the EMI on account of the insurance could be used pay towards prepayment of the loan and get the tenure down. We never thought what we would do if we have to live on a single salary. So now there was huge EMI to look into .

I realised I was in for a long haul.

Road accident case. So everywhere I needed a Death certificate, FIR report, Post Mortem report. For everything there were forms running into pages indemnity bonds, notary, surety to stand up for you. No objections certificates from your co-heirs.

I learnt other than your house, your land, Your car, your bike are also your property. So what if you are the joint owner of the flat you don’t become the owner just because your hubby is no more. So what if your hubby expired in the bike accident and you are the nominee but if the bike is in a repairable condition .you have to get the bike transferred in your name to claim the insurance. And that was again not easy. The bike or car cannot be transferred in your name without going through a set of legal documents. Getting a Succession Certificate is another battle all together.

Then came the time you realise now you have to start changing all the bills, assets in your name. Your gas connection, electricity meter, your own house, your car, your investments and all sundries. And then change all the nominations where your own investments are concerned. And again a start of a new set of paperwork.

To say I was shaken my whole life had just turned upside down was an understatement. You realise you don’t have time to morn and grieve for the person with whom you spend the best years of your life. Because you are busy sorting all the paper work.

I realised then how much I took life for granted. I thought being a chartered accountant I am undergoing so many difficulties, what would have happened to someone who was house maker who wouldn’t understand this legal hotchpotch.

A sweet friend then told me dear this was not an end, you have no kids, your assets will be for all who stand to claim. After my hubby’s sudden death. I realised it was time I took life more seriously. I now needed to make a Will. I would have laughed if a few months back if he had asked me to make one. But now life had taken a twist.

Lessons learnt this hard way were meant to be shared. After all why should the people whom we love the most suffer after we are no more. Sorting some paperwork before we go will at least ease some of their grief.

1. Check all your nominations…
It’s a usual practice to put a name (i.e in the first place if you have mentioned it) and royally forget about it. Most of us have named our parent as a nominee for investments, bank accounts opened before marriage. We have not changed the same even years after they are no longer there with us. Even your salary account usually has no nomination.. Kindly check all your Nominations.
– Bank Accounts
– Fixed Deposits, NSC
– Bank Lockers
– Demat Accounts
– Insurance (Life, Bike or Car or Property)
– Investments
– PF Pension Forms

2. Passwords..
We have passwords for practically everything. Email accounts, Bank accounts, even for the laptop you use. What happens when your next in kin cannot access any of these simply because they do not know your password… Put it down on a paper.

3. Investments.
Every year for tax purpose we do investments. Do we maintain a excel sheet about it. If so is it on the same laptop of which the password you had not shared. Where are those physical investments hard copy.

4. Will.
Make a Will. I know you will smile even I would had I not gone through all what I did. It would have made my life lot easier a lot less paperwork. I wouldn’t had to provide an indemnity bond, get it notarised, ask surety to stand up, no objections certificates from others…

5. Liabilities.
When you take a loan say for your house or car. Check out on all the what if, what if I am not there tomorrow, what if I loose my job. Will the EMI still be within my range. If not get an insurance on the loan. The people left behind will not have to worry on something as basic as their own house.

My battles have just begun… But let us at least try and make few changes so that our loved ones would not suffer after we go. We do not know what will happen in the future. But as the Scout motto goes: Be prepared ”


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Joining Common Floor group for JVV

Go to this link

Fill up your details to join Common Floor Group of Jal Vayu Vihar

Come let us do YOGA

The recent post on International Yoga Day (see below) has brought a lot of positive feed back. YOGA is not an one day ‘affair’ but must remain as a life long practice that should become a daily routine, I take great pleasure in choosing some of the best (out of the hundreds of videos available on the net) and presenting it here.

Chosen for ease of explanation and follow up.

Pran Oorja – Anulom Vilom Pranayam

Pawan Muktasana

Your health is in your hands and feet, in a manner of speaking. Take it now for a healthier and happier life.




21st June is International Yoga Day that is being celebrated all over the globe.

Join with your friends if possible, otherwise, do a few YOGA exercises including systematic breathing in your home. Relax. Spend atleast 30 minutes on Yoga.

It is for your health and happiness.

Do it everyday just like brushing your teeth and make it a habit.

See and feel the difference in a month!

Go here to know What is YOGA ?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi performing an asana at Rajpath on Sunday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi performing an asana at Rajpath on Sunday. Photo: Sandeep Saxena

Photo: The Hindu

Yoga to reduce weight




Walk – for your health

Benefits of Walking

  • The human body is made to walk.  
  • Walking 30 minutes a day cuts the rate of people becoming diabetic by more than half and it cuts the risk of people over 60 becoming diabetic by almost 70 percent.  
  • Walking cuts the risk of stroke by more than 25 percent. 
  • Walking reduces hypertension. The body has over 100,000 miles of blood vessels. Those blood vessels are more supple and healthier when we walk.  
  • Walking cuts the risk of cancer as well as diabetes and stroke.  
  • Women who walk have a 20 percent lower likelihood of getting breast cancer and a 31 percent lower risk of getting colon cancer.  
  • Women with breast cancer who walk regularly can reduce their recurrence rate and their mortality rate by over 50 percent.  
  • The human body works better when we walk. The body resists diseases better when we walk, and the body heals faster when we walk.  
  • We don’t have to walk a lot. Thirty minutes a day has a huge impact on our health.  
  • Men who walk thirty minutes a day have a significantly lower level of prostate cancer. Men who walk regularly have a 60 percent lower risk of colon cancer.  
  • For men with prostate cancer, studies have shown that walkers have a 46 percent lower mortality rate.  
  • Walking also helps prevent depression, and people who walk regularly are more likely to see improvements in their depression.  
  • In one study, people who walked and took medication scored twice as well in 30 days as the women who only took the medication. Another study showed that depressed people who walked regularly had a significantly higher level of not being depressed in a year compared to depressed people who did not walk. The body generates endorphins when we walk. Endorphins help us feel good.  
  • Walking strengthens the heart. Walking strengthens bones. 
  • Walking improves the circulatory system.  
  • Walking generates positive neurochemicals. Healthy eating is important but dieting can trigger negative neurochemicals and can be hard to do.  
  • Walking generates positive neurochemicals. People look forward to walking and enjoy walking.  
  • And research shows that fit beats fat for many people. Walking half an hour a day has health benefits that exceed the benefits of losing 20 pounds.  
  • When we walk every day, our bodies are healthier and stronger. A single 30 minute walk can reduce blood pressure by five points for over 20 hours.  
  • Walking reduces the risk of blood clots in your legs.  
  • People who walk regularly have much lower risk of deep vein thrombosis.  
  • People who walk are less likely to catch colds, and when people get colds, walkers have a 46 percent shorter symptom time from their colds.  
  • Walking improves the health of our blood, as well. Walking is a good boost of high density cholesterol and people with high levels of HDL are less likely to have heart attacks and stroke.  
  • Walking significantly diminishes the risk of hip fracture and the need for gallstone surgery is 20 to 31 percent lower for walkers.  
  • Walking is the right thing to do. The best news is that the 30 minutes doesn’t have to be done in one lump of time. Two 15 minute walks achieve the same goals. Three 10 minute walks achieve most of those goals.  
  • We can walk 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night and achieve our walking goals.  
  • Walking feels good. It helps the body heal. It keeps the body healthy. It improves our biological health, our physical health, our psychosocial health, and helps with our emotional health. Walking can literally add years entire years to your life.
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Laugh and the world laughs with you!

Laughter – the best medicine

Wife : Shall I prepare Sambhar or Rasam today . Husband : First make it, we will name it later

Smiling face (black and white)Face savoring delicious food

A frustrated  husband in front of his laptop:
dear google, please do not behave like my wife…
Please allow me to complete my sentence before you start guessing & suggesting
Face with tears of joy

A man brings his best buddy home for dinner unannounced at 5:30 after work.
His wife begins screaming at him and his friend just sits and listens in.
“My hair & makeup are not done, the house is a mess, the dishes are not done, I’m still in my pajamas and I can’t be bothered with cooking tonight ! Why the hell did you bring him home for?”

Husband answers “Because he’s thinking of getting married”
Face with stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyes
Couldn’t stop sharing this one…

Husband: I found Aladin’s lamp today.

Wife: wow, what did u ask for darling??

Husband: I asked him to increase your brain ten times..

Wife: oh..jaan..luv u so much.. Did he do that??

Husband: He laughed and said multiplication doesn’t apply on zero.
Smiling face with Sunglasses

Employee: Sir You are like a lion in the office! What about at home??

Boss: I am a lion at home too, But Goddess Durga  on the lion there !
Face with stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyes
A man gifted his wife a diamond necklace for their anniversary and wife didn’t speak to him for 6 months.

Was the necklace FAKE?

Nooooo! That was the deal :)
Face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye
A couple was having dinner at a fancy restaurant. As the food was served, the husband said, “the food looks delicious, let’s eat.”

Wife: honey… say prayer before eating at home.

Husband: that’s at home sweetheart……here the chef knows how to cook.
Grinning face with smiling eyes
Best Slogan on a MAN’s T-Shirt :

“Please Do Not Disturb me, I am Married and already very Disturbed”
Flushed face
This is a killer :-) I could not stop laughing and I am still laughing — Great stress buster :-)

Sardar to Librarian: l want a book named “Psycho The Rapist”.

The Librarian searched  for 3 hrs then came back & Slapped the Sardar & said
Idiot the book name is “Psychotherapist” ……

Face with stuck-out tongue and winking eyeGrinning face with smiling eyesConfounded face
[recd as a fwd email]

21st June is International Yoga Day

Today is International Yoga Day that is being celebrated all over the globe.

Join with your friends if possible, otherwise, do a few YOGA exercises including systematic breathing in your home. Relax. Spend atleast 30 minutes on Yoga.

It is for your health and happiness.

Do it everyday just like brushing your teeth and make it a habit.

See and feel the difference in a month!

Go here to know Whai Is Yoga?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi performing an asana at Rajpath on Sunday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi performing an asana at Rajpath on Sunday. Photo: Sandeep Saxena

Photo: The Hindu


Yoga for Beginners


Nature Cure

Here’s a question that was posed to the Dalai Lama:
“What thing about humanity surprises you the most?”
His answer is : “MAN – Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices his money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he doesn’t enjoy the present,
And as a result he doesn’t live in the present or the future. And he lives as if he’s never going to die and then he dies having never really lived”


Click the link below to read


Nature Cure – Dr HK Bhakru

(Info from – Sqn Ldr Chandramouli)


Jal Vayu Vihar, Kammanahalli Main Road, Bangalore is a landmark in Bangalore. Being associated with it, that too as an owner of a flat, is an honour.

Though the majority of the residents are ex-fauji and used to a strict ‘regimental and regulated’ life, some times, this gets reflected in the present ‘civilian – call it retired’ life in a negative way. Some times, we tend to be close minded and refuse to accept new ideas and realities.

Take for example – BOM, Board of Managers, elected every year to run the everyday affairs of this great gated community. While those elected are the ones who have volunteered to ‘face the music’, the majority of us, the so called OWNERS of the flats, unfortunately, are eternal cribbers. In everything we tend to see ‘red’ and pick on the BOM. This, surely, kills the initiative and enthusiasm of the brave ‘VOLUNTEERS’ who have dared to accept the ‘ungrateful job’.

But let me hasten to add the ‘other side of the story. Some of the elected/selected members of BOM, become ‘tigers’ overnight and tend to treat the rest as mere mortals with no mind of their own. Prey waiting to be pounced at! They would never own up the mistakes, many times done  unintentionally, but would try to cover up and sweep it under the carpets during the AGM/SGM.

With all that, let us remember, that JVV is one of the best gated community in Bangalore. Some would even say that JVV is one of the best in the COUNTRY. Fully agreed.

Still so much more can be done by ALL. With cooperation, we can ‘create wealth’ within and drastically reduce the ‘overall’ expenses in running the day to day affairs of JVV. We must treat the tenants as part of the family instead of a disagreeable ‘bahus’. They should be encouraged to participate in the AGMs as non voting members representing their owners. Agreed that this may bring more confusion if they are permitted to have the right of ‘free speech to bring out everything under the sun and the  ‘shades of common areas’.

GEO who is doing roaring business in many areas, started off from our shopping complex. Remember the days when Kammanahalli was considered a ‘Kaadu- forest’ and people would come to JVV for basic needs like making a STD phone calls from GEO’s booth, a couple of DECADES ago?

I dream of a day when JVV brings nothing but JOY!

Let us participate and be part of the solution!

I am at present a NRJ – Non Resident JVVian. Living about 6000 feet above msl  allows me to take a ‘panoramic view’ and luckily still get the emails regarding JVV through the ‘groups’ and our so called official CF portal. I enjoy going through them in depth and detail; and keeping upto date with the happenings in my second home called JVV. Incidentally, my first home in the Nilgiri hills is called “Panorama” [if you ever visit the hills – Ooty, Coonoor or Kotagiri – please do give a call. Talking to or meeting a JVVian is always a pleasure].

As long as I was in JVV, I would not miss the AGM/SGM. But it always gave the impression that ‘the  pure veg lunch’ gets  priority over the agenda points and there is always a ‘senior soul’ who is in a serious hurry to propose vote of thanks for the out going BOM. Let us face it, not many are interested to ‘face the music’ as a Prez or Sec of BOM. Fair enough, but have you ever realised that the ones who get elected/selected or NO ANGELS but ‘may’ also have some ‘ hidden interest’ to head the ‘RULING PARTYT’ for a year. I am told that there are some extra ‘perks’ that come as ‘part of the job’.

The majority of the JVVians, being typical Indians, are not interested in the ‘affairs’ nor participate in the ‘activities’ of JVV. But we do not hesitate for a minute to preach – ‘let us live peacefully and not crib or question the various decisions taken by the BOM even if they are against laws/by laws involving in the expenditure of ‘lacks’ – lacks accountability (pun intended ).

Every BOM has done many ‘excellent works’ but the truth is every BOM has also done some ‘extra works’ that needs high lighting and scrutiny. Why blame the ‘messenger’ who has the knowledge and courage of conviction to make them public?

Yes, you might have guessed about whom I am talking about. I have never met Sqn.Ldr. Chandramouli during my Air Force days. And, hardly spoken to him a couple of times in JVV. But his knowledge about JVV and other ‘worldly matters’ has impressed me a lot. His conviction of certain ‘wrong’ decisions of BOM during the AGMs and the subtle humour in his emails/comments  when he mentions about them are a treat.There are plenty of points that he brings out, add to our GK. Another person whose emails/comments I look forward to is the much mistaken and ‘unsung hero’ Cdr.Satpathi. Of course, I miss the wisdom of Air Cmde Murugan.

Swatch Bharat, CLEAN INDIA will become a reality only with every one’s participation. Same is the case with JVV. Not only external cleanliness but ‘inner one too’.

Let us be active players instead of just remaining as ordinary ‘jalra’ players! I am acutely aware that you have to have some ‘special talents’ even to be a JP [ not me but a Jalra Player]


Thanks, Jayaprakash.Nice to hear good words from a friend.Few friends during my morning walk ask me the same question why have I stopped participating in these discussions in the E mail groups on the affairs of JVV.I said that “every thing in this world has a definite End”. This activity too perhaps is nearing its closure.This answer did not satisfy, of course.
To tell you the truth,my advice (You called it flatteringly as Wisdom) on the matters affecting JVV is a devalued commodity.It had no value to the recent BOMs nor to those movers and shakers who operate behind the screen.Its incremental gain is close to zero (at the knee of the curve).It is purely waste of time to advise those who pretend to listen but know that it has no value to them.Silence is a better way to avoid good advice that does not contribute towards their aim.In fact, I think that it is futile to advise those who needed no advice.When I hear accusations of bribe etc in JVV, it not only makes me very sad but also demotivated.
Further my health does not permit me to sit long hours at the computer even though mails from JVV are very few.From other groups, I get more than 150 mails every day. I spent more time deleting them than answering those few that do require some kind of intervention.I confine myself to Veteran issues, mainly pension, some Health information useful to a larger audience of Senior Citizens and some matters concerning Defence, strategy and inter service issues.Perhaps, I may have to stop even these limited interactions in a year or two.
I liked your Blog.Especially last one about your Nepali friends.I was in GCT sometime before I was transferred to Guindy to do my engineering degree in Electronics (telecom). Why don’t you send them directly to my E mail ID.
Warm Regards,
Air Cmde. 

(photo from the internet –

The powerful message is when MOTHER NATURE lets out her fury, nothing can remain the same. The Nepal earthquake of 7.9 magnitude is truly devastating. The more you ‘see it’ on the 24×7 TV channels [I prefer ‘TimesNow’] your heart is filled with sadness. I feel much more ’cause I have traveled to Nepal three times and have very good friends there.

We had three Nepali students who had come to study in GCT, Coimbatore under the COLOMBO plan as the student exchange was known then. I was very friendly with all of them -Upendra Prasad Dhital, my course mate who went on to head the Nepal Airport Authority, Gautam Bahadur Amatya, who rose to head the Kathmandu water board as Chief Engineer and Girija Prasad Ghimire, who became a minister as he was a Nepali Congress leader.

The first time I went to Kathmandu was in 1970 after completing my engineering course from GCT along with Upendra. I remember the long train journey from Coimbatore, the couple of days halt at Calcutta [we stayed at RG Kar Medical College hostel where Upendra’s cousins were studying, at the height of Naxal Problem in West Bengal], reaching Raxaul, Bihar by train and crossing over to Birganj a Nepal border town. Due to bad weather, our flight was cancelled and we had to take a bus that reached Kathmandu in the night. When we reached UP’s house in Paknajole, Naya Bazaar the children in the house were very curious to see his South Indian friend. After a couple of days, when I became familiar with the family, I asked his elder brother- Dhaju in Nepali, why was the rather strange and curious reception by the childern, he laughed and said,’since they were told that a South Indian friend was coming, they expected to see a very dark skinned person and not a fair skinned one’. I was treated as part of the family and I still carry very pleasant memories of my First Trip.

The second time was in 1980. I did my Basic Mountaineering Course at HMI,Darjeeling as an Indian Air Force Officer. After completion of the course, I had called my wife to join me at the beautiful Darjeeling and along with my son who was about three, flew to Kathmandu. Upendra was away but Gautam and Ghimire looked after us well for the couple of days we spent in Kath.

The third time was in 2000. By then, I had taken voluntary retirement from IAF and living in New Delhi. We were invited by Gautam to stay with him at his house in Kopundole, Lalitpur, Kathmandu. Along with his charming wife Kenny and children Sarina and Karina, he treated us in royal style. Along with his family, Upendras and other friends, we had a wonderful 2000 New Year bash. Sadly, my great friend Gautam passed away a few years back.

When I heard the news about the latest earth quake on 25th April, our first instinct was to find out about Kenny and the girls. After what appeared to be a long wait, atlast, Kenny answered the mobile call towards the afternoon and confirmed that she and her daughter were safe. Along with the neighbours, they have moved to a open ground as a precaution. We were greatly relieved to know that they were safe.

And, Kenny Gautam Bahadur Amatya was very grateful and felt happy that her family friends living so far away in South India remembered and had a word of comfort for them. We, as Indians, never forget our friends where ever they are in this world and remember the adage ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’.

We are also happy and proud that Prime Minister Modi has galvanized the entire government machinery to render all possible help to Nepal at this hour of need. Nepal, we are with you to share your sorrow and sufferings!

Paying Property Tax ONLINE + 50% concession for Defence Personnel

Sqn Ldr C S Chandramouli, 453 JVV informs

This mail is to answer many queries i had received from residents on payment of property tax on line.
Property tax for 2015-16 is due for payment. If you pay before the end of this month, you can avail discount.

Follow these steps to make payment on line.

1.    Go to this link, to go to main page.

2.    click current assessment year : year 2015-16

3.    Enter one of the details in the column given, reproduced below

Please Enter The SAS 2008-09 Application No.:     Or Old PID:   or   New PID:

4.    select the owner name

5.    click continue

6.    In the next page select you ward No. which is Kacharakanahalli [29].   All other details will come automatically.  Select mode of payment.  If it is credit/debit card, select IDBI, out of three that will show up.  submit.  The next page is for payment through credit card.  Enter all details asked for, to complete transaction.

7.   When the transaction is complete, receipt will appear.  Take a print out of this receipt.


Property Tax – 50% for Armed Forces in Karnataka


50% concession for defence personnel
You are required to send an application to Joint Director, Dept. of Sainik, welfare and Resettlement at Bangalore to issue a certificate for claiming exemption of 50% property tax as per section 94 A (b) of Karnataka Municipality Act 1964 ( Karnataka Act 22 of 1964).  The following documents are to be attached along with this application.
a)    Copy of Ex-Serviceman Card issued by Sainik Welfare Board, Bangalore
b)    Copy of service record on retirement
c)    Copy of sale deed/building sale letter
c)    Copy of Katha
d)    Copy of tax paid receipt.
You have to fill up SAS Application, workout the tax to be paid with the concession, attaching the following.
1.    Green Form (Waste management cess)
2.    Concession grant certificate from Sainik Welfare Board, Bangalore
3.    ID card by Sainik Welfare Board, Bangalore
4.    ID card of retired officer
5.    Receipt 2008-2009.
6.    Receipt 2012-13 or the latest.
7.    Certificate in Kannada (self declaration)
I am addressing this mail to groups too for information so that those, who have not availed such concession so far, can also take action.

For any clarifications, please feel free to contact.

Sqn Ldr C S Chandramouli (Retd)
453 Jalvayuvihar
Kammanahalli Main Road
Bangalore 560043
Ph 080 23682453

Exclusive website for JVV, Bangalore

I am repeating this post basically with the intention of how the JVVians can see/get all the important notices/ notifications and at the same time to show their gyan and be the privacy of home, if we so desire. Simply said, get and give. With no commercial or commonfloor interference [pun intended]! This can be done by having our own EXCLUSIVE weblog – call it a website or a blog. And ABSOLUTELY FREE!! Or if we want to be ABSOLUTELY EXCLUSIVE with a domain extension like .IN or .CO, it may cost us a ‘royal’ sum of Rs.99/- per year. Yes, per year. This weblog, under the control and command of BOM can have pages like,

  •  Notices
  •  By Laws / AGM minutes
  •  Burning Topics [participation open to all ‘registered’ owners of JVV]
  •  Who is who [JVV Directory]
  •  Pictures

The home page can have the Names and Pictures of BOM with important telephone numbers. Pages need not be limited but participation in terms of comments etc can be restricted to only JVVians. The BOM can have an INTERNAL DISCUSSION page that is password protected and available only for BOM members. Now the million dollar question is who is going to maintain this weblog? Simple, I am sure all the members of BOM are familiar with PC systems and basic internet and hence NO EXTERNAL help may be required. Or, yours truly, though living in the far off mountains (not yet become a saint or sanyasi) can volunteer to maintain as a tribute to the great JVV. By the way, for those who want to ‘have a dekho ‘ please visit my website that has more than 361,000 hits or [with more than 17,000 hits] The future is in DIGITAL CONNECTIVITY. Let us grab it. For FREE!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Email to every flat owner

Concerning emails  and connecting all JVVians…. I feel like pulling out the hair on my head [though, unfortunately not much is left]. In this age of advanced internet technology, we still seem to live in a frustrating situation. The ‘official agency‘ responsible for this, in my opinion, is the BOM, ie., Secretary and/or the Estate Manager with the email ID of “” . We do not get important emails/notifications because the Sec/EM, probably assumes that by sending the email to a few groups like ,, or, everybody is informed. NOT SO. Many apartment owners may not be members of any one of these groups mainly because of emails getting repeated with the addtions/opinions of the ‘learned lot’ who forget that there is a ‘delete’ key that can be effectively used when they add their own gyan [opinion and comments] on any topic under the sun. All that the Secetary/EM has to do is to send the intended information/notification to INDIVIDUAL apartment owner to the specific email ID which he/she has given to the office/registered with commonfloor, by including them in BCC [Blind Carbon Copy] when sending the email to the above mentioned groups. Yes, for the first time, this would be a bit of ‘tedious typing of the addresses’ since there may be 540 email IDs [at the max]in BCC. But, the next time, GMAIL , yahoo mail, hotmail etc will take care by popping up ‘suggested’ addresses/email IDs. I am suggesting BCC instead of CC [Carbon Copy] because CC addressee is visible to ‘all’ while BCC addressees are hidden. So the second time the email is sent to any group, if the sec/em takes care to add everyone under BCC, the same will reach every one with NO INDIVIDUAL MAIL ID BEING MADE PUBLIC. This avoids unnecessary exposure and unsolicited spam. There are many more ‘sophisticated’ means and methods of reaching out each and every JVVian, provided, the ‘individuals’ are interested in being inclusive and not complain that they are receiving unwanted/repeat ‘doses’ of the same emails with a comment added here and there. If any one is interested, many alternatives can be suggested. By the way, a small suggestion to ‘individuals’ – have you ever thought of having an exclusive email ID like  jvv001 or jvv01 or jvv1 for Flat No.1 and so on? My ID is ( as my Flat #  is 23. Similar to what we have in case of BSNL centrix telephone number[2001 for flat no.1]?

Dear JP-Sir,

The very idea behind the formation of JVV common floor was to have some kind of common official forum where all the official matters related to JVV can be discussed thread-bare without fear or favor. However, unfortunately while most members have registered to the group, there are several members who haven’t registered and miss out on important communication.
At the same time, this forum should not be used for discussing other matters not related to JVV. There are other groups like, where people are welcome to discuss any matters under the sun. I used to be a part of that group earlier, but very soon I discovered that i’m not able to keep up with the number of topics being discussed on that forum and that i won’t lose much sleep by not reading those topics of discussions so i had opted out.
Also, I see that several important discussions regarding water-tank and society registration are being discussed on the unofficial forums without ever making it to the official forum created for the benefit of the society. I’ve also observed that whenever a new BOM is constituted, they come with their own new mindset and it takes time for them to implement the official communications systems that was so effectively set up by AVM Thusu a few years back when we signed up website.
One possible remedy is to add the official communication mechanism to the bye-laws of the society and make everybody abide by the same including preventing of spam emails. The centrex number-scheme can also be amended to the bye-laws. However, getting a consensus amongst this group is next to impossible :-)
Creating a separate email id only for JVV communications does not scale well, as people might never check their jvv email ids unless it is their primary email.
C-345, JVV

Jal Vayu Vihar, Kammanahalli Main Road, Bangalore is a landmark in Bangalore. Being associated with it, that too as an owner of a flat, is an honour.

Though the majority of the residents are ex-fauji and are used to a strict ‘regimental and regulated’ life, some times, this gets reflected in the present ‘civilian – call it, retired’ life in a negative way. We tend to be close minded and refuse to accept new ideas and realities.

Take for example -BOM, Board of Managers, elected every year to run the everyday affairs of this great gated community. While those elected are the ones who have volunteered to ‘face the music’, the majority of us, the so called OWNERS of the flats, unfortunately, are eternal cribbers. In everything we tend to see ‘red’ and pick on the BOM. This, surely, kills the initiative and enthusiasm of the brave ‘VOLUNTEERS’ who have dared to accept the ‘ungrateful job’.

But let me hasten to add the ‘other side of the story. Some of the elected/selected members of BOM, become ‘tigers’ overnight and tend to treat the rest as mere mortals with no mind of their own. Prey waiting to be pounced at!

With all that, let us remember, that JVV is one of the best gated community in Bangalore. My friend Wg Cdr Thomas Vergheese, corrects me that JVV is one of the best in the COUNTRY. Fully agreed.

Still so much more can be done by ALL. With cooperation, we can ‘create wealth’ within and drastically reduce the ‘overall’ expenses in running the day to day affairs of JVV.

GEO who is doing roaring business in many areas, started of from our shopping complex. Remember the days when Kammanahalli was considered a ‘Kaadu- forest’ and people would come to JVV for basic needs like making STD phone calls from his shop/booth, a couple of DECADES ago?

Wg Cdr Thomas Verghese’s initiative of establishing ‘FRIENDS OUTLET’ is an example of how an out of box idea can bring in benefits to all.

We must, keeping our differences away, join in endevours like his. I dream of a day when JVV brings nothing but JOY.

For a start, let us make JVV a ‘HOT SPOT’ – I am talking about free WI-FI in all flats; Start a BONSAI club; Solar street lights with LED bulbs inside the colony etc etc

Jal & Vayu stand for greater heights and daring depths.Let us reach them.

Limitation is only in our minds. Open it up!

Ache din aane wale hi!


Thomas Verghese ( Owner of Sector D, 529 ) Replied :
JP Sir, Thank you for your kind words.
Wi-Fi spots with a Low Tariff in clusters was being thought of by a few of us. There were other plans also like – small portable water trolleys with pumps to reach emergency water requirements instead of being at the mercy of Water Bowser Mafias – Gp Capt PU Bhat and the previous BOM team were looking at Solar Power generation and heating from above MPH and in clusters. We have experts in the field within JVV itself – Mr Vinay Shetty of Flat 19 and Cdr Venugopal of Flat 237
We could not pursue these & other ideas as we could not figure out the way to meet the initial overhead expenditures or because of ‘change of guard’. All BOMs have had well meaning people but end up in ‘Fire Fighting’ or get bogged down with Litigation.  The AGMs, many times, become ‘Debating Clubs’ more to prove ‘Who is right, instead of What is right’. We are generally unable to arrive at a consensus during the AGM or afterwards to work for the common good due to various reasons.
There is no need for any despondency, as all this must be an evolving issue of any group or community of diverse backgrounds. I hope and pray that God will give us the wisdom to realize the futility of clashing with conflicting ideas and work instead towards consensus solutions (Possible & Not Utopia!!!).
In the interim it would be great, if you could think of ‘Revenue’ generation on the lines mentioned in earlier mail or through other ideas. The ideas for implementation need to be nurtured with ‘Hand Holding’ by professionals and experts from within or outside JVV. These projects need not necessarily be done through the BOMs (ideal) but through other small groups with BOM’s  approval. They should be without any financial outflow from JVVAOA funds requiring the long tedious path of AGM approval.

We need your help.

With Best Wishes,
Thomas Verghese
S.Bharaktiya [B192]
Dear Mr. Thomas, It is nice to read your mails as your are always striving to make JVV better, though it is already the best place in Bangalore.

Towards this aim, revenue generation can happen by offering amenities for which the residents are ready to spend. On this list is the developing of recreation facilities like indoor games above MPH on which you can put solar panels if you so desire.  There could be a card room, table tennis etc wherein middle and elder  residents could also participate. A hang out place like coffee shop for teenagers to elders. There is subsidy on solar installation so you cost of building the hall above Mph will be very little.
Revenue generation by providing water by tanker, will be possible only if you have truck mounted one and could be franchisee set up or in house. Hoardings on the periphery.
Revenue model for the conversion of domestic waste to gas and manure would be inline with the times.
The other approach is expenditure reduction.  The largest expenditure to my knowledge is water, to reduce this go for RWH or STP. In the latter case you will get manure for sale. For this you can approach the area MP for finance from Mplad scheme or the MLA.
Mr Oswald Pereira ( Tenant of Sector A, 006 ) :
It is always a pleasure to see how so many of the so called owners strive to make JVV a Ultra Super Colony to live in,
I would like to bring in a few points here for revenue generation, without any extra efforts:
1. Bring all apartment owners under one umbrella, who are outside of the colony or out of Bangalore and rent/sell their flats. Friends Outlet could be engaged by the association on profit sharing model
This will benefit in eliminating crooks and unscrupulous elements from compromising the quality of JVV in terms of security and any unlawful exposure. This will help increase the revenue and ensure the colony is maintained in its true regimental spirit
2. Auction the outlets built on the erstwhile garbage dumping spots in a fair manner. Allotting them to a known few without an auction will limit our scope for a better deal
3. There are a number of silver oak trees just rotting and posing danger. They have commercial value. Selling them to timber/plywood industry will fetch good income, in lakhs of rupees, to the association. Re-plant other trees which serve for greenery and have commercial value as well

JP replies : It is really nice to see that we are getting many positive comments on ‘OUR DISCUSSIONS’ to make JVV the best in Bangalore and beyond.

First of all, one of the mistakes, we – the so called apartment owners, have committed is treating the TENANTS as OUTSIDERS. High time we fully involve and integrate them into our system. We must invite them to our AGMs as non -voting guest members.

I am fully in support of what Mr.Oswald has suggested. Wg Cdr Thomas Verghese’s “FRIENDS OUTLET’ could be officially named as our ‘Real Estate Agents’ on mutually beneficial profit sharing basis. A win-win situation.

Yes, silver oak trees are indeed of commercial value. Recently we have sold a large number of trees from our tea estates. The price depends on the girth [the circumference of the tree at a height of 5ft from the ground] and the height of the tree. The price could be anything from Rs.5000 to Rs.10,000/- per tree. The saw mills readily buy them [aren’t there a couple of them very close to JVV?]. They cut the trees to 8 or 10 feet lengths to cart off. These cut into slices and made as packing cases for export as well to be used in centering work for building work.

Yes, we can also plant more Silver Oak trees and see for ourselves that ‘money grows on trees’ apart from going green. The forest department gives the tree saplings FREE.

I am sure there are many more ‘commercially viable’ ideas. Welcome to the world of wealth creation !



By Wing Commander VENKI IYER

The helicopter appeared over the late morning horizon. We were to receive Mr Lachhman Singh Rathore who was visiting our flight to perform the last rites of his son, Flying Officer Vikram Singh.

Only the day before, I had sent the telegram, “Deeply regret to inform that your son Flying Officer Vikram Singh lost his life in a flying accident early this morning. Death was instantaneous.” It was the first time for me, to meet and manage the bereaved next of kin.
While most wives and mothers insist on seeing the body, many a time there isn’t a body to show. Flying Officer Vikram Singh’s remains were only a few kilos – scrapped from what was left in the cockpit. We had to weigh the wooden coffin with wood and earth.

The pilot brought the helicopter to a perfect touchdown. Soon Mr Lachhman Singh Rathor was helped down the ladder. A small man of 73 years clad in an immaculate dhoti. As I approached him, he asked in a near whisper, “Are you Venki, the Flight Commander?” “Yes Sir.” “Vikram had spoken to me about you. I’d like to speak to you alone for a minute.” We walked to the edge of the concrete apron. ‘I have lost a son, and you have lost a friend. I’m sure that you have taken great care in arranging the funeral. Please tell me when and where you want my presence and what you want me to do. I’ll be there for everything. Later, I would like to meet Vikram’s friends, see his room and, if it is permitted, visit his work place. I then would like to return home tomorrow morning.” A commander couldn’t have given me clearer instructions.

The funeral, with full military honours, was concluded by late afternoon. After the final echoes of the ‘Last Post’ faded away Lachhman Singh spent the evening talking to the Squadron Pilots. Vkram’s roommate took him to see Vikram’s room. Lachhman Singh desired to spend the night in his son’s room instead of the guest house we had reserved for him. Early next morning after a tour of the squadron area, my boss took him to his office. A while later the staff car took Lachhman Singh to the civil airfield two hours away.

As the car disappeared round the corner, I remarked to my Boss, “A brave man he is. Spoke to me like a General when he told me exactly what he expected from us during his stay here. I admire him.”

“Yes Mr Lachhman Singh Rathore is a warrior in his own way. He sired three sons. His first son Captain Ghanshyam Singh of the Gurkha Rifles was killed in Ladakh in 1962. His second son, Major Bir Singh, died along the Ichogil Canal in 1965. His youngest, Vikram Singh, who had the courage to join the Air Force, is also gone now. This simple farmer has contributed more to our country’s defence than any other I know.”

Yes, he is a brave Indian

But he does not get a “bharat ratna”. A millionaire who earned by endorsements gets it

China syndrome

My China syndrome, a view of one who has travelled!

Sqn Ldr C S Chandramouli (Retd) [from ‘moulee’s group]

“I was sad I had no no shoes. Then I saw a man who had no feet at all. Happy became I again” The Gulistan of Sa’di
But with me things are in reverse “I was happy though I had no feet. Then I saw a man who had shoes.” and now my heart bleeds in utter jealousy.
I was happy living in India because I was convinced that our India was ‘sara Jeham se Accha’ – the greatest culture on earth and flowing with milk and honey. Then I took to travelling abroad – I have now visited some 33 countries. It was Europe that I visited first and I returned home dejected at seeing the yawning and unbridgeable gap between them and us in all facets of life. Then I went East to China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore etc hoping to get some solace if they were more undeveloped than the West. However  I returned home again totally dejected at seeing how they had advanced. The only consolation was I got was from Philippines which seemed as backward as we are. But this consolation too had a dark lining when I learned from the internet that the Philippines is slightly more developed than we are.
I had visited Beijing and Shanghai some eight years ago just before the Olympics were held there in Beijing and had found them cities matching the advanced nations in well dressed people, clean surroundings and sound infrastructure. Then I heard frequent reports that though the cities of China were advanced things were not so rosy in rural China. So decided to visit rural China, hoping to see some misery and deprivation.  Accordingly I set out for China on 14th Oct. But my hopes were totally dashed up to see that the provincial towns of China were also far ahead of us in every facet of life clean sanitized surroundings, sound infrastructure and well dressed people – even those selling fish are better attired than the average middle-class Indian.
To rub salt into my wounds there was a report at the time I was there, that the Chinese PM was visiting England and in one of the agreements between China and England, China was going to supply high-speed trains to England where which invented trains. Yes – in China people are well dressed and clean and live in clean surroundings with roads being cleaned continuously thorugh the day. They have modern cars and the buses are all posh looking especially when compared to our ramshackle boxes we call buses. Their trains which are far more comfortable and sleekly designed than any in the West and whoosh past long distances at at a blistering 300 km per hour. I was totally crestfallen at this unexpected turn of events – the prosperity even in 8rural China. My only consolation came from reports that China had more deaths from smoking than any other country in the world had and their incidents of marriage-break ups and divorces were going through the roof. Another point of solace to the burning jealousy in me was that in spite of markets overflowing with foodstuff of every kind, the people look under-nourished and emaciated with flat chested and flat bottomed women and men bent forward and backward like an elongated S or the integration sign in calculus. But this point of consolation was applicable only to the older generation and so likely to be short-lived. The teenagers and the people in their twenties are more robust and sturdy and the new-generation girls are much better-endowed than their mothers.
To sum it up, my visit to China was a total failure and I am now like the fish who jumped from the frying pan into the fire. The yawning gap between China and India is unbridgeable in the near future. To make matters worse, they also have as rich a tradition, heritage and culture as we have. So I cannot brag to them about our unmatched heritage or culture.
In his work ‘Revolutionary wealth’ Alvin Toffler states that Asia was far ahead of the West in bygone days in all facets of life. Came the Industrial revolution, and the West surged ahead leaving Asia gasping behind boasting about their rich heritage and culture to no purpose and making us the laughing stock of the advanced nations. But now according to Toffler Asia is all set to regain its past glory with China, Korea, Japan and the Asian tigers surging ahead fast to match and even overtake the West in prosperity and development. But I am afraid that the South Asian countries are going to drag Asia down in overtaking the West with India proving more of deadweight because of its sheer size.
The long and the short of it is that I deeply regret wasting so much money travelling abroad only to lose my happiness however fancy it may have been. I guess I will now have to visit some war-torn famished nation in Africa or elsewhere to regain my happiness before I started travelling abroad. I hope I will not be throwing away good money after bad in taking to more travel..
I used to snore away 8-10 hours a day in  blissful ignorance of the world outside and trusting in the ‘Sara Jeha Se Achcha’ myth touted by our succeeding propaganda departments. But with every sojourn abroad, I have lost more and more of my sleep and now after my visit to China and Hong Kong I am a 8sleepless wreck.
My only hope now lies in out PM NaMo, and as I walk around and toss sleepless in bed I chant Aum namo NaMo. If that also does not work out I will go in for an euthanasia even if I have to sell my kidney for it.